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Another Yu-Gi-Oh! DM Rating Community!
  1. Don't cause drama, don't take anything too seriously, and don't be a dick.

  2. This community focuses on DM only... meaning, no 5ds or GX. Please only place your votes for DM characters and keep your responses relevant to DM.

  3. The maintainer for this community is roketto_dan. Contact him if you have any questions.

  1. Before you post your first application, place votes on at least three people who have not been stamped yet. If there are less than three unstamped people when you want to apply, just vote on whoever's unstamped and don't worry about it.

  2. Place your application behind an lj cut. Here is the link to LJ's FAQ page about lj cuts if you're not sure how to do this. Also, if you post your app with rich text mode, something is more than likely going to be screwed up.

  3. Trying to apply for a specific character will make you look retarded and we will generally do everything in our power to avoid you being stamped as that character. So don't do it.

  4. Type as much as you want in your app; don't worry about writing too much.

  5. If you have been stamped as one character and would like to apply again for a character of the opposite gender, feel free. It will be part of your current stamps as opposed to a re-stamp.

  6. If, for whatever reason, there are characters that you do not want to be rated as, or as characters of only one gender, be sure to mention it in your application where appropriate.

  7. You can reapp as much as you'd like, just be sure to include in your post that you are re-applying.

The Application
    Personality wise, there is no specific "survey" to fill out. Just describe yourself and share what you think is important for people to know about you. Typically this includes likes/dislikes, strengths/weaknesses, hobbies, talents, beliefs, etc. A picture or two of yourself is appreciated, but optional. Just make sure they don't stretch the page, and only link to and warn for NSFW.

    There is, however, a very short survey you need to fill out afterwards, just about fandom stuff and community-related stuff. So basically, copypasta this when you're ready to start an application.

    If you feel more comfortable with a survey, feel free to use the one that was previously used universally for this community. In place of "(description of yourself, maybe pictures?)", simply copypasta and fill out this:

  1. If you're a member of this community, you can vote, regardless of whether or not you're stamped or have posted an application.

  2. It doesn't matter if you use the dub names or the Japanese names or whatever.

  3. Please bold your votes.

  4. Only vote for one character, unless the applicant requests that both genders of characters be chosen simultaneously for one application.

  5. Try to state at least one reason why you are placing your vote.

  6. Pick who you think is the right choice for the right person, regardless of whatever the "trend" may be.

  7. Don't worry if you want to vote for a character who doesn't have a stamp made for them yet. If the character wins enough votes, a new stamp will be made for them.

  1. After you post your application, members will be allowed time to vote for two days. If there are at least five votes in two days, you will be stamped. Otherwise, you will not be stamped until you have at least five votes. Your stamp may also be withheld if there is a tie between characters; you will be stamped as soon as the tie is broken.

  2. Upload the stamp to your own server.

Affiliating with trueduelist
    Guidelines for becoming an affiliate are that your community must be YGO-related, a rating community, or awesome. That's it. Go here to see the current affiliates or to ask to be an affiliate.